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Finally some needed rain!

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So finally I didn’t have to water the garden today.
It has been so hot the last few days.
I’m glad we prepared for the heat by watering each day before the heat wave.

The garden has exploded a few volunteers came to help weed. Thank you!

I was almost ready to give up, the weeds and grass were taking over.


If you have the room, grow an extra row or two and take the extra food to a shelter near you.

Most shelters get non perishables, fresh food is always welcomed.


Have a great day

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Picking Kale for the Soup Kitchen

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We harvested about half of our back kale crop this morning.

We filled ten 30 gallon bags in about 1 hour. Kale is so easy to pick when it’s coming out to clear the patch for the next crop. We simply pulled the whole plant, gave a twist and separated the leafy tops from the roots and stems, then the leaves go in the bag and the rest goes to compost.



We put all the bags in the back of the truck and headed to the Joseph House in Salisbury, Maryland.

Joseph House Crisis Center

The Crisis Center provides emergency and on-going assistance for individuals and families in need. It opened in 1984 to serve the poor from the Lower Shore counties of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

The fresh food we bring is always appreciated. They provide food to roughly 1200 people every month!

IMG_2623 IMG_2624

They even grow a small garden too!


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Three Sisters Planting

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Wow things are coming along well!


In the photos you will see I planted squash, string beans and corn in the same row.  This is called the Three Sisters Method.

The corn is for the string bean to climb and the squash shades out most of the grass.








I am fighting a grass problem now and the radishes and carrots need to be thinned out!



More kale was delivered but as you can see but there is another whole plot to pull of kale!

We already have eggplants that are roughly 3 inches long!



The bell pepper plants are coming in nicely too, today’s heat should really be awesome for them!





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