A Miracle Or Donation

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I really don’t know what to do, I have tried everything to get the tractor running and it just won’t start.

We still have some food to give away (bushels of tomatoes) and of course eggs from the Girls (the chickens are referred to as “the Girls”)

At this point though, all the spring planted and late spring planted and harvested areas need to be bush hogged now because there was no way to take care of it with the dog-gone tractor not working.

We are bummed out because Fall planting was to start last week- all we have is weeds.

So many will go without fresh vegetables if the garden is shut down until we get a tractor or money for a mechanic to look at it and fix it. We just don’t have the funds.

We will have eggs to deliver and that helps especially when the price is going to be so much.  They are raising the cost of eggs again!

If you would like to help our ministry to feed the hungry that would be awesome.

We work and spend what extra we have to try and make our dream of growing our whole farm in fresh food for the hungry.  Join us, become part of giving back to those that need food here at home.

I refuse to give money to charities that have a CEO that makes more than all of us!

We look forward to you joining us leave a comment and let others know you care.
All the best,

Paul and Trina

To donate please follow the instructions by clicking here http://www.gofundme.com/PaulsPumpkinPatch

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