Food delivery

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Up with the sun all the picking is done off to the Christian Crises Center we go!

We have a truckload of all kinds of vegetables and fourteen dozen eggs.

It feels good what we are doing, but why is it that everytime I go there I leave feeling like I want to do more?

It’s hard to see so many in need but I do love the happy faces when I show up. I can feel the glimmer of hope and love from those that have come to know us. This is our third year and I am determined to make it our best.

Life is not all about material items we just seem to have a need for. Life is expressing who you are and what you can do to give others what they need to be who they are and be the best they can be. 

Love for one another, a smile, a nice jesture, it doesn’t take much. You never know how the person you just met or past on the street feels or their situation. That simple smile just might be what they needed.


Paul and Trina

For those that want to help us make it happen click here


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