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Prayers Answered and Worries Wiped Away

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Monday afternoon as Paul and I were cooling off in the air conditioning, we were feeling overwhelmed. With all the rain and the hot sunshine we’ve been getting, the weeds were growing faster than the two of us could possibly keep up with. Between the weeds and the bugs we were worried that we would loose a lot of plants.

Then, ten minutes later the phone rang. It was one of the guys from the job (we work construction) At first we thought he was calling because he needed food but then he said, “No, I want to come to your farm and Help you.” He said that he would be out on Saturday.

Then we were at a friend’s house picking up some food that was being given to us for the church grocery group that was coming to pick up veggies and eggs on Wednesday for their food drive. She had seen me ask Baker Creek Seeds about squash bugs on Facebook and she had made up an organic spray for me to try. (It’s working pretty awesome on the test plants BTW) She had also seen that we needed bags to put veggies in and had a few bags of bags waiting for us.

The man upstairs answer prayers and worries so fast sometimes.

Wednesday one of my High School teachers came by. Her Church Grocery Club collects food the third Wednesday of every month and gives food to people in need. She drove from about an hour away and we were able to give her 7 dozen eggs (split into half dozen cartons so more people could have eggs), 40 bags of fresh cut kale and a whole bunch of fresh yellow squash and zucchini. She messaged me later on Facebook saying: “Everyone loved their fresh vegetables! And the eggs were a big hit! We’ve never given eggs before.”

11057778_708554499272901_7900015923490705203_n 11391531_708554509272900_8410009183987121065_n

Paul and I were so happy that what we have to give makes people happy!

On Friday afternoon, we made our first purchase using some of the donated money from people who believe in our dream. At the Seaford, Delaware, Lowes they had some small tillers out front, used and marked down. We talked to a manager about the price and he literally gave us half off!


We have a larger, walk behind tiller on the farm that we use between the rows, but getting between the plants has always been done by hand. With the new little tiller we can get between tight rows and even around plants. It’s awesome and it’s a back and time saver, instead of hand weeding one row a day, we can do many rows and keep up with the weeds much more efficiently.

On Saturday morning help arrived. The guy from the job had brought his cousin and his son and they worked in the garden with us from 7:30 to 11:00. We worked together weeding out all the watermelon and half of the cantaloupes. It’s amazing how much can be done with help, the four of us worked the row and his son took all the weeds to the chickens (so they could have some fresh greens and eat all the bugs LOL)

When they were leaving they didn’t want anything, but we insisted that they take some food home with them for their party on Sunday celebrating the baptism of his youngest son and Fathers Day.

I can’t wait for the day to come when we can grow the whole farm in fresh food and feed so many more people. Thank you to those that have believed in our calling, let no man go hungry, feeding everyone, One Row at a Time!


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More Food For The Hungry!

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I am pleased to say this has been a great growing season!
There has been a lot of food given to the shelters and to a lot of family’s in need.
We have been picking regularly, here is a photo of us picking just a sample of what has come out of the garden.


IMG_2956 IMG_2964

There are a lot of family’s that need help, not money, food.
If you grow a garden then why not grow an extra row?
Take food to the shelter in your neighborhood.
An extra hour or two in your garden can make a big difference to those in need.

Have a good weekend,

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Picking Kale for the Soup Kitchen

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We harvested about half of our back kale crop this morning.

We filled ten 30 gallon bags in about 1 hour. Kale is so easy to pick when it’s coming out to clear the patch for the next crop. We simply pulled the whole plant, gave a twist and separated the leafy tops from the roots and stems, then the leaves go in the bag and the rest goes to compost.



We put all the bags in the back of the truck and headed to the Joseph House in Salisbury, Maryland.

Joseph House Crisis Center

The Crisis Center provides emergency and on-going assistance for individuals and families in need. It opened in 1984 to serve the poor from the Lower Shore counties of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

The fresh food we bring is always appreciated. They provide food to roughly 1200 people every month!

IMG_2623 IMG_2624

They even grow a small garden too!


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Three Sisters Planting

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Wow things are coming along well!


In the photos you will see I planted squash, string beans and corn in the same row.  This is called the Three Sisters Method.

The corn is for the string bean to climb and the squash shades out most of the grass.








I am fighting a grass problem now and the radishes and carrots need to be thinned out!



More kale was delivered but as you can see but there is another whole plot to pull of kale!

We already have eggplants that are roughly 3 inches long!



The bell pepper plants are coming in nicely too, today’s heat should really be awesome for them!





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Growing food from seeds

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This is the start of the 2014 season.

This is also our second year and I can say we are going to produce more this year.

Total we have thirteen acres but trying to grow it all would be overwhelming.

Our neighbor farmer next house down the street farms the rest.

Back in the day the all this  land was a horse farm!

Here are a few photos from the start I will post more photos as we grow!

IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2566

Already we have taken over 20 bags of kale to the Joseph House in Salisbury, Maryland and another 20 bags of kale to friends and family 🙂

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