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Some Photos from the Farm

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I promised to share some photos of the farm.

This one of is kinda funny, the tractor broke down and a friend said” don’t worry bro I got something that will pull a disc.”

This is Henrietta, she is queen chicken around here. You can see the chain link pen and old horse shed we put them away in at night. We deliver eggs to the shelters also.  The girls have been laying up to 30 eggs a day lately and the shelters really love them!


We do grow some pumpkins each year as a cash crop to help with expenses for feed, fuel, seeds and tractor repairs etc.

That is me and my grandson, that’s a big pumpkin and it’s one of my favorite pictures!

Thanks for stopping by, if you grow a garden grow an extra row and take the produce to a shelter near you.

Doing God’s work one row at a time.

Paul and Trina

If you would like to help support our operation and help us grow please click here, So far we raised $675.00

If you live on the Delmarva Pennisula and would like to help in the garden, please contact us by emal : admin(at) please remove the(at) and replace it with @ symbol


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Bountiful Harvest

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I am pleased to tell you, we had a bountiful harvest this year.

There is so much food it’s awesome!
We started picking today, there should be a nice load of bell peppers, corn, string beans, tomatoes and more.

Grow food not lawns and grow an extra row for your local shelter.

This Tuesday we will be taking more food to the shelter.

IMG_2877 IMG_2868 IMG_2861 IMG_2858



It’s all in Gods hands we just follow him 🙂

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